Reservation Policy


General Booking Policies

1. Rickytravel uses an innovative concept by which the client proposes a price to a destination, hotels at this destination receive the proposed price of the customer. The reservation is made through Travessia Virtual Ltd., which acts as an intermediary.

2. Travessia Virtual Ltd. proceeds to booking at the hotel chosen by the customer while booking and on recieving payment.

3. Payment is made via credit card. The agency will charge the given value on booking.

4. Warranty Conditions: Rickytravel has the technology to encode and encrypt transmitted data, called SSL - Secure Sockets Layer. This ensures that your credit card details are not intercepted by third parties.

5. In case the customer does not show up at hotel where the reservation was made, the customer will not be refunded.

6. Subject to special conditions, it is understood that the accommodation includes: services identified in the booking receipt and VAT in EU countries. On the other hand, accommodation does not include: additional charges in the rooms; meals; values charged by hotels for services such as laundry, jacuzzi, sauna, gym, sports equipment rental, reception, transport, cradles, safekeeping of baggage; late check-out; booking or tourism taxes, required in some countries; tax pollution.

7. Travessia Virtual Ltd. is the intermediary when celebrating the contracts for providing accommodation services, so in some cases can be held responsible for damages or losses caused by an act or omission, particularly in the event of death, sickness, accident, loss, theft or robbery.

8. In case the customer has violent or abnormal behaviour, acts with vandalism or causes disturbance to third parties, Travessia Virtual and the Hotel may cancel the reservation without having to reimburse the customer.

9. The customer agrees and understands that they should consult a competent institution and that displayed exchange rates are merely an indication, as a result of information provided by different institutions, not updated daily.

Booking changes and cancellation policies

10. Any changes made to the reservation (decrease or increase of number of nights, etc.), corrections or other situations, imply the payment of an administrative fee of 40,00€, in addition to any cancellation fees charged by the service supplier, according to the cancellation policy of each hotel.

11. The reservation made by the customer may be canceled, being subject to the cancellation policy of the hotel booked. The customer is entitled to get the money back, after the administrative agency fee of 40,00€ and the cancellation fee charged by the hotel are discounted.

12. In case of force majeure, including natural disasters, wars, terrorism and other events of similar nature and gravity, on location of the booked hotel, either the customer, the agency or the accommodation provider on location can proceed to cancellation. In an event of force majeure Travessia Virtual Ltd. does not warrant the adjustment or change of reservation and is not responsible for any damages or losses arising from such a failure.