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Terms & Conditions

A) General Conditions

1. These contractual terms and conditions apply to the service on

2. Rickytravel, this website, all its contents and inherent author rights, are owned by the trading company Travessia Virtual Ltd., VAT No. 510012353, by shares, which engages as a travel agency, duly licensed by Turismo de Portugal.

3. The user, who can only use the service on a personal level, while accessing and using the website, binds to full compliance with these terms and conditions. By accessing, browsing and using our website and/ or making a reservation, the user fully accepts these terms and conditions, expressly stating that they have read, understood and accept its contents.

4. The use of the agency, brand, site and its contents, products, services, information and other by the user, for commercial or personal purposes, obliges the user to compensate the Agência de Viagens Travessia Virtual Lda. Also in case of sale, links, use, copy, display, download or reproduction of any content or information, software, products or services available on Rickytravel.

5. Travessia Virtual Ltd. reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to amend these terms and conditions, by which the user should always consult the updated version.

6. Travessia Virtual Ltd. can not be held responsible for the access, other acts and bookings, carried out by minors, other incapacitated and unable, or lack of powers of representation of all the people whose personal data are entered upon access, registration and booking.

7. The customer must be in possession of an updated personal identification document.

8. The customer is responsible for complying with government requirements regarding medical and other documents required on entry, exit and other situations, to any given destination.

9. The Agency also declines any liability concerning the trip, luggage and other belongings of the customer.

B) The Service

10. Rickytravel is a website through which the user can make a reservation with a collaborating hotel.

11. The final reservation made through Rickytravel depends on the acceptance of the General Conditions, Booking Policy and Privacy Policy.

12. Travessia Virtual acts as an intermediary and the booking is merely considered a proposal in negotiation, until the reservation is confirmed by the hotel and after payment has been issued by the customer.

13. The Agency can not be held responsible for faults, errors or viruses when connecting to our website.

14. The Agency is also not responsible for any loss or damage, direct or indirect, of the user, regarding the information provided on the website.

15. The Agency is under no obligation to store or maintain any website content and can delete these at any time.

16. The service is provided on the internet and as such the Agency is not responsible for any failure regarding connectivity, the reception of emails and/ or inherent impossibility of its use.

17. The Agency reserves the right, at any given moment and without notice, to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, your access to the website.

18. All information regarding the hotel units, including facilities, classification, quality and photographs is provided directly by the hotel. The customer must be aware that the characteristics provided by the hotels are given in terms of national legislation and standards of their country of origin and or location.

19. The hotels are responsible for the information displayed, by which Travessia Virtual Ltd. assumes no responsibility for any error, discrepancy and lack of veracity, as well as links provided by third parties.

20. The Travel Agency reserves the right, at any given moment and without notice, to withdraw or not show on the website, any information or pictures of the hotels.

21. Travessia Virtual Ltd. is not responsible for the quality, failures or shortcomings in services provided by the hotels.

C) Liability insurance

22. The responsability of the Travel Agency Travessia Virtual Ltd., emerging through its given obligations, is guaranteed by a liability insurance through Allianz Insurance Company.

D) Questions and Complaints

23. If you wish to contact us, you may do so via the following email address:

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